Penetration Testing

No system is bullet proof and, in today’s world, security attacks are no longer a question of if but when. The real uncertainty then is how vulnerable those properties are and whether you have done all you can to stop hackers from getting in.

The Power of the Crowd for Penetration Testing

Applause’s Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) combines the tried and true benefits of penetration testing with the power and speed of the crowd. This approach allows companies to quickly identify vulnerabilities that slipped through the cracks and secure your platforms before releasing to production.

Applause security experts will perform manual penetration testing where they probe your app, website, or connected devices for real-world attack scenarios and other common vulnerabilities. Experts can also use detailed API documentation and component information to run more targeted attacks.

Benefits of Penetration Testing with Applause

The Applause delivery team will customize the penetration test so it best fits your security and development workflows and processes. Common penetration tests include:

  • Black-Box Manual Penetration Test: Our team of testers will test the application for security vulnerabilities with no additional information about system infrastructure or code access using automated tools as well as their extensive experience in manual penetration testing.

  • Gray-Box Penetration Test: Testers receive detailed API documentation and information about components in use and will use this to run more targeted attacks. This type of penetration test saves time spent with reconnaissance but without having actual code level access.

  • White-Box Manual Penetration Test: For clients that require a more in-depth analysis down to the code level we also offer code reviews for common web technology stacks in combination with a white-box manual penetration test. This approach uncovers hidden flaws and will make recommendations for changes to the system to increase robustness against attacks in-the-wild.

Common Applause penetration testing use cases include:

  • External Facing Corporate/Brand Websites

  • Ecommerce Platforms

  • Internal Corporate Platforms such as Document Management Systems, Business Process Management, and Collaboration Tools

  • Mobile Applications

  • Interactive Web Applications

  • Desktop Applications

  • Exposed/Documented APIs

  • IoT: Connected Devices

“Each security expert brings his or her unique background and perspective. To have so many different approaches at uncovering weaknesses through a single vendor is amazing.”

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