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Provide a winning mobile sportsbook and online casino experience for bettors by testing geo-fencing, payments and customer journeys.

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Build loyalty with frictionless, end-to-end online casino and sportsbook offerings

Online gambling is going mainstream — or rather, it already has. More states, regions and countries legalize online gambling every year, bringing new opportunities as well as additional regulations and competitors. How do you have confidence in your geo-fencing capabilities while also winning over bettors to your online casino or sportsbook, and keep them there for the long term? In a competitive market, it comes down to offering a best-in-class online casino experience.

Real-world testing gives online casinos and sportsbooks the ability to validate their experiences with real bettors — providing actionable insights into real-world functionality and usability that can’t be gained elsewhere — and test their geo-fencing technologies. Whether your company needs to ensure online gambling works around borders, validate a new betting feature or identify transaction issues with specific payment methods, you will benefit from real-world testing. Applause provides you with the resources you need to finally be certain that you deliver a truly exceptional mobile sportsbook and online casino experience.

Don’t Gamble on Quality. Test with Applause

Online casinos and sportsbooks must always comply with regulations and build customer loyalty. Applause provides the holistic testing platform you need for online gambling excellence, enabling you to:

Enter new markets around the world
Geo-fence testing ensures users can place bets on your apps only in the appropriate regions
Offer payment methods your bettors prefer
Validate your bettors’ local payment instruments work for deposits and withdrawals
Release new features with confidence
Test in pre-production with real-world users to ensure a smooth experience without introducing regressions
Ensure the best CX to create long-term customers
Gain user feedback on the end-to-end customer journey

How Applause Helps Online Gambling Companies Excel

Applause is positioned to validate sportsbook and online casino experiences, across a diverse range of use cases

Applause is an approved vendor in the states and regions we test for our customers, and we’re actively working with additional state regulators for approvals in states and regions where online gambling activities have not yet launched. Applause addresses customer needs across a wide variety of specific use cases, including:

  • Geo-fencing: For an online casino and sportsbook company, Applause builds testing teams in 8 specific states to test along border lines, validating that geo-fencing capabilities work and allow only those within the state to register, play and cash out.

  • Payments: For an online sportsbook, Applause testers validate deposits and withdrawals at scale using real payment methods, and identify issues that block players from using their preferred payment methods or specific bank accounts.

  • Customer journey: For an online casino, Applause testers execute end-to-end customer journeys — from registration to deposit to withdrawal — in multiple countries, and provide insights and recommendations to improve retention and conversion rates.

Greentube Case Study

Learn how Applause helped Greentube improve its online casino games in multiple countries with real-world testing.
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Are Traditional Testing Approaches Letting Your Bettors Down?

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