IoT Testing

Gain insights from real users using real devices to ensure your IoT devices deliver an engaging customer experience every time.

IoT Brings a New Level of Complexity to the Customer Experience

As the number of connected devices grow, the potential for issues also increases. The enhanced complexity and diversity of these devices brings new and exciting opportunities for brands to engage with customers. However, making sure that IoT devices are reliable across every environment and meet the high-quality standard that customers expect is no easy task.

The most effective approach to testing IoT devices is to test with real people on real devices in real world conditions. As a leader in crowdtesting, Applause gives you access to a global community of more than one million digital experts. Through various testing approaches, Applause provides qualified and authentic feedback on the user’s end-to-end experience allowing you to implement relevant improvements into the platform before releasing to customers.

Benefits of IoT Testing with Applause

To tackle the complexities associated with IoT testing, leading brands work with Applause to build a comprehensive testing strategy that includes:

  • Functional Testing: With the complexity of IoT devices it is critical to ensure your devices are performing as expected across all environments. Applause allows you to run exploratory testing or test case execution, at scale, to uncover bugs in the functionality of your IoT solution before a customer finds them.
  • Usability Testing: Each user’s interaction with an IoT solution will be unique and unpredictable. Real world testing is the only way to test the complete solution in the conditions in which your customers will use it. Applause engages testers who have access to your devices, in the locations and environments that your devices will be used. Receiving direct feedback from real users allows you to create improved customer experiences.
  • Hardware Testing: Leverage Applause’s community to make sure the device is working properly, fits on the body of your target demographic (if relevant), and/or is compatible with other software and devices as needed.
  • Multimodal Experience Testing: Many IoT devices are just one touchpoint across a larger multimodal customer experience. Test your IoT solution’s ability to provide that cohesive experience across multiple devices, engaging your customers how and when they expect to be engaged.
  • Security Testing: Within the IoT ecosystem, there is massive amounts of data being accessed by users. Verifying data privacy and user authentication is a critical piece of testing IoT solutions. Applause provides specialized security professionals using a diverse approach that allows you to uncover critical security related issues.

“With Applause, the tester/consumer was actually going to pull the product out of the box, and they were going to be able to relay that experience to us. So it wasn’t just about looking at the software and the functionality – we wanted the whole experience.”

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