Accelerate Test Automation with Applause Codeless Automation

Accelerate Test Automation with Applause Codeless Automation

Software development organizations face no shortage of issues when implementing test automation. Maintenance is a burden; coding requires expertise; knowledge silos stall progress; and even the initial scope of work demands a lot of time and commitment. As test automation scales, those challenges only become more problematic, especially when resources and expertise are scarce.

Codeless automation is one way organizations fill the knowledge and budget gap. They can use it as a means to get more team members to build automation, even if they don’t have an automation background.

Now available, Applause Codeless Automation (ACA) is a new SaaS product that enables anyone — regardless of scripting ability — to create automated tests without writing a single line of code. With ACA, users simply click through the pathways of the app within the platform to follow pre-defined test steps. ACA records the steps and creates a test script. Users can go back to add logic via assertions that confirm the application functions as intended. From there, ACA merges the test steps and assertions into a test script, which users can execute on real devices within the platform.

ACA is the first enterprise-grade codeless test automation product on the market. ACA provides codeless automation for both mobile (available now for iOS and Android) and web apps (available later this year). ACA users can run tests on real browsers and mobile devices, not emulators, to get a true picture of how the app will function in the real world — no device lab required. ACA reflects Applause’s commitment to openness, with test scripts compliant with Appium or Selenium and test results exportable to Jira.

Here’s what Applause Codeless Automation can do for you:

  • Build test automation without writing code

  • Lower the barrier to mature, scaled test automation

  • Increase test coverage and release software faster

  • Complement your existing test automation

ACA fits into your existing QA frameworks to help reduce bottlenecks and expand test coverage quickly — all without requiring an engineer to create and maintain scripted automated tests.

ACA is part of the Applause Product Excellence Platform, a holistic testing platform that helps customers in all industries deliver exceptional digital experiences. ACA joins Applause’s enterprise-grade test automation offerings, which include:

  • Automated Functional Testing. Source vetted, skilled mobile and web automation engineers around the world from Applause’s global community. Our automation engineers bring years of experience and expertise to help you build, scale and maintain a test automation practice. Additionally, our continuously improved Applause Framework helps you leverage open source technologies for a scalable, feature-rich approach to test automation.

  • Integrated Functional Testing. A combination of manual and automated tests provides more thorough test coverage than either individual approach. Integrated Functional Testing enables you to leverage the speed of test automation and human expertise of manual testing at scale, all within one platform for a holistic view of software quality.

Empower more team members to create automated tests, improve test coverage, mature automation initiatives and scale along with your product — all with ACA.

Deliver better value

Most organizations understand the value test automation can deliver, yet many struggle to achieve it. Traditionally, test automation required programming expertise, which made it an expensive endeavor.

According to a recent Applause survey, of the 1,140 respondents who say their company has minimal or no test automation, more than 60% say their biggest challenge with test automation is related to resources. 39.1% of respondents cited a lack of skilled/experienced test automation resources, and 21.6% said it is too expensive to hire automation experts and/or purchase automation tools.

Unfortunately, even when the organization has money to spend, there’s no guarantee that investment will make test automation more efficient. As the scope of test automation grows, so does the challenge to maintain it, while the number of resources often remains the same.

Applause Codeless Automation helps organizations overcome these resource challenges. Anybody can use ACA to script, adjust and execute tests with just a few clicks of a button. ACA records the actions, which the user can then run within ACA or process as an Appium-compliant script for mobile or a Selenium-compliant script for web.

Likewise, ACA helps organizations reach maturity with their test automation suites. When team members use ACA to create scripts for basic test cases, SDETs can focus their attention on complex cases. Thus, teams can script more tests — faster and easier — than if they relied solely on human-coded test automation.

Empower the whole team

Applause Codeless Automation breaks down the knowledge silos that occur with test automation, which often throw projects into disarray when SDETs change roles or leave the company.

Of the 767 qualified survey respondents who are involved with test automation at their companies, 64% said they have no more than three people on their team who can write test automation scripts. It’s not feasible for many organizations to simply hire — if they can even find — effective SDETs. This talent gap causes many test automation projects fail.

ACA empowers developers, testers, project managers, ops, release managers and potentially even line-of-business professionals to create and execute automated tests. When the entire team can contribute to the test automation effort, it helps reduce QA bottlenecks and push products to deployment faster.

ACA is especially helpful for testers who don’t have coding ability. Where these testers previously had to task a developer with creating automated test scripts, they can now take ownership of these tests and adapt as needed.

Improve testing coverage

While an organization might not achieve 100% test coverage — or even want to achieve that level of coverage — a mix of automated and manual tests can help achieve a reasonable amount of confidence in a software release.

In fact, test coverage is top of mind among organizations that are considering codeless automation solutions. Of 1,266 survey respondents who say their company plans to purchase a codeless automation product, the No. 1 purchase driver is to ‘improve test coverage’ (54.7%). For many organizations, there’s clear room for improvement in this area. Only 33.4% of respondents who are involved with their team’s test automation efforts said they are able to automate more than 50% of their test cases.

Applause Codeless Automation provides the ability to script and run more automated tests, enabling SDETS and developers to focus on complex tests. UI tests and exploratory tests, for example, are difficult or impossible to automate.

ACA works for individuals in a variety of industries, from healthcare to retail to banking. As long as you’re able to test the build’s pathways and can validate the workflow’s options, ACA can record the actions. You can use ACA in different ways to boost test coverage and release faster at the same time, such as through automated smoke test suites and simple regression tests.

Some potential tests where you can leverage ACA include:

  • Can customers add an item to their cart and check out?

  • Can a user navigate to a review page and post a review?

  • Can a user check their account balances?

  • Can a patient make a doctor’s appointment online?

ACA also provides common actions for mobile users, such as pinch and expand, and variables to test things like date fields and password submission. These tests are also reusable, as the user can add test logic after recording to further expand test coverage with less work. The user can then export all test results to Jira for triage.

Learn more about how Applause Codeless Automation can help you initiate, scale, mature and optimize your test automation strategies.

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