Enhance the Speed and Agility of your SDLC

Enhance the Speed and Agility of your SDLC

Development moves faster today than it ever has before — and you can't afford to slow down. Organizations are emphasizing Agile and DevOps methodologies to release quality software on a continuous basis, so they are understandably hesitant to implement new processes that could slow this down.

Applause is already ahead of you there. You may think adding a testing partner will slow your SDLC down, but that isn’t actually the case. In fact, our workflow at Applause is specifically designed to keep up with the Agile workflows of our fastest customers. We quickly identify and triage high-impact bugs so that you can reduce their impact — if not eliminate them outright — before they reach your customers. Here’s how.

Leverage Real Testers in Real Time

If you’re not testing in the real world, you are at risk. Software is not used in perfect conditions, so why should you test in a sterile and pristine environment, such as a QA lab? To get feedback from customers and gauge an app’s readiness, you want to test it in real-world scenarios with unbiased testers.

However, this in-the-wild testing requires people and time — which you likely don’t have enough of internally. How do you get around this without causing a logistical recruiting nightmare and adding significant overhead? Applause’s fully managed service and vetted testing community handles all the logistics and enables your teams to focus on other critical tasks.

"Applause is like an extension of your company that speeds up your QA."

Sacit Sivri, QA Tester, Gram Games

The Results You Need Without the Effort

What’s your ability to scale your testing capacity and test coverage? Even if you don’t think it’s necessary to test all your builds, you should strive to increase your test coverage — around 80% is considered an industry best practice.

However, more feedback means nothing if you can’t quickly triage and distill the bug reports down to actionable next steps. With capacity already an issue for developers, asking them to triage a significantly higher volume of bug reports is not manageable.

Applause triages the results for you in a timely manner, evaluating every submitted bug report (removing any duplicates) and grading them according to severity level. By aligning closely with your product lead, we help you identify the bugs to target first, leading to a healthier and more efficient backlog.

This kind of approach helps you maintain a shift-left approach to testing and finally make test-driven development (TDD) a reality in your organization. Ultimately, when you receive high-quality and actionable feedback quickly, your release velocity will increase.

More feedback means nothing if you can’t quickly triage.

Test While You’re Sleeping

How much time and money does your engineering team waste by not testing during off hours? Those nights, weekends and holidays are often the difference between meeting delivery dates or delaying your next release.

Applause helps you make the most of those off hours by enabling you to test throughout them. Our global community of vetted testing professionals is available to you 24/7/365, enabling you to collect feedback on a continual basis and address issues as soon as they come in. This kind of feedback will fuel your CI/CD pipeline. If your goal is to release high-quality code the first time, you can likely use testers working in pre-production who can find issues quickly and soon after they’re introduced into the code.

With Applause, you are no longer beholden to a traditional work schedule. You make your own testing schedule so you receive feedback whenever you need it. Our on-demand capabilities help you ensure that every deadline is met.


Ensure Remote Testing Doesn't Slow Down Your SDLC

Learn how to confront common problems that pop up when testers work from home, and how Applause -- the leader in remote and distributed testing -- ensure your SDLC doesn't slow down.

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