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Why Machine Learning Projects Fail

Read this article to learn the 5 key reasons why machine learning projects fail and how businesses can build successful AI experiences.

Key Focus Areas to Ensure a High Quality D2C Media Experience

Ensure great subscriber and viewer experiences through a comprehensive approach to D2C testing

AI Virtual Assistants: 4 Things You Need To Know

AI virtual assistants have a lot to offer - if they're built right

Breaking the Bias Toward Women In Technology: International Women’s Day 2022

This International Women’s Day, check out some success stories from Applause’s women in tech who consistently work to #breakthebias.

Inclusify Agile Teams to Boost Performance, Innovation and Engagement

Diverse perspectives have a tangible impact on efficiency and creativity

Inclusive Design Principles Require Inclusive User Testing and Empathy

To create the best digital products, designers must enlist inclusive design principles - and empathy

What Is Digital Accessibility Testing? Standards, Guidelines and More

Optimize end user accessibility for all customers, not just some

What Is a Test Case? Examples, Types, Format and Tips

Gain some tips for managing and writing test cases

Why Typos Should be High-Priority Bugs

Even a simple misspelling can damage a brand’s reputation

SVOD vs. AVOD vs. TVOD: VOD Services Explained

Monetize your VOD platform, then test accordingly

What is Usability Testing? Types, Benefits, Examples and More

Why usability testing is an essential element of every product launch

How a Canary Release Strategy Improves Quality

Software deployment strategies like standard, canary, A/B and blue-green releases explained