Commitment to Innovation

As the pioneer of crowdtesting, we have a long history of innovation and bringing next-generation testing concepts to life. Applause Labs, our dedicated R&D and innovation engine, is focused on the rapid development and iteration of ideas to deliver new products, solutions and features to clients like you, your end users and our independent uTest community.

What is Applause Labs?

Building on a History of Innovation

Why do the digital vanguard – next-generation companies like Google and eBay – turn to Applause for their testing? Because we deliver value and innovation in ways no other company can.

That’s why we created Applause Labs – the industry’s largest team dedicated to digital quality and next-generation testing. Applause Labs encompasses our current and ongoing R&D initiatives, as well as our dedicated focus on developing new testing concepts. With Applause Labs, we are hyper-focused on accelerating innovation and developing new ideas quickly and efficiently, so that we can deliver new products and solutions to you faster.